We are happy to announce the 5th edition of the International “Città di Minerbio” Piano Competition for young pianists, and the 5th edition of the International Piano Festival for Young Pianists, “Città di Minerbio”, which will be held from October 6th to 10th, 2021 in Minerbio (BO), Italy, at the main theatre of the town, Palazzo Minerva. During the past 4 Editions (from year 2001 to year 2004), a lot of assistance has been provided by the Township and the sponsoring organizations, and the Competition achieved the broadest consensus from the large number of participants, coming from all over the world. 

The fifth edition aims to be in continuity with the previous ones, concerning the objectives of excellence, but it appears in a renewed guise: live events and shows will be arranged, the candidates will be the protagonists and those occasions will give the competition the atmosphere of a music festival. The Competition and the Festival will take place annually, and will be reserved to pianists (who will play in soloists or four hands categories) whose age does not exceed the twenty-six year of age (the participants must be max 26 years old on the starting day of the Competition, October 6th 2021). 

  • The Competition will be articulated in 4 distinct age categories: I up to 17 years of age, II up to 20 years of age, III up to 23 years of age, IV up to 26 years of age. Each category will include two different rounds (eliminatory round and final round) with obligatory repertoire. 
  • The Festival will be articulated in 6 categories: Cat. PRIME NOTE up to 6 years of age, Cat. JUNIOR up to 8 years of age, Cat. A up to 10 years of age, Cat. B up to 12 years of age, Cat. C up to 14 years of age, Cat D up to at 16 years of age. One round, with obligatory repertoire.

The Jackpot amounts to € 7.500